Farm of Francesco

Justice in Global Food Systems

Our Courses

Three main pillars

Agriculture & Growing Tips

Regenerative agriculture

Entrepreneurship & Finance

Viability – desirability – feasibility

Personal Growth

Spirituality and personal development

Our Mission

To develop the vocational educational program framework, development of the online platform and development of a new demo farm project in Nigeria, with the first Farm of Francesco Cohort of students in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Our Vision

  • Listening
  • Helping
  • Serving
  • Creating

Our Values

  • Regeneration
  • Hands-on approach
  • Practical trainings
  • Passion

What is Farm of Francesco Courses?

Free online courses for farmers committed to improving the environment and impacting their communities through regenerative agriculture. Farm of Francesco develops a hybrid model of education between the in-farm training and online learning, where farmers will co-create the knowledge between each other and get specific feedback form the tutors as well as measure impact on a timeline.

The Farm of Francesco recognition from the Carlo Acutis Award.

What can Francis tell you about agriculture and justice?

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