The Farm of Francesco Team

An enthusiastic and committed team

Our roots in The Economy of Francesco

Everything started in 2019 thanks to The Economy of Francesco initiative by Pope Francis who invited young entrepreneurs, changemakers and researchers from all over the world to co-design and give new life and soul to the economy. Around 3000 youth responded and joined forces, divided in 12 working groups, named in a particular way in order to combine two words that are not usually seen together in the current economy.

Within the “Agriculture & Justice” Working Group – nine entrepreneurs, changemakers and farmers representing eight different countries – started exchanging experiences and investigating the problems and injustices occurring in present day agriculture, and then decided to start working on specific solutions towards solving the current issues of agriculture and food systems.

Our Team

We are a global and diverse team of farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and activists representing Nigeria, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, Mexico, China and Argentina.