Welcome to The Farm of Francesco Educational Platform

Free online courses for farmers committed to improving the environment and impacting their communities through regenerative agriculture.

We are building a better food system and more justice in agriculture by working on the ground and advocating for farmers.

The Farm of Francesco was born as a youth co-created answer to Pope Francis’ call through agriculture. We started by listening to many young farmers and supporting them to develop regenerative farms as platforms to support, educate, and create Community with others. From different countries but with the same impulse to start solving these challenges, we found a Community that is walking towards answering the same call.

Our call to action

Our current agriculture and food system is broken, from now, we have only 40 harvest left due to soil erosion caused by conventional agricultural practices and every year, we lose 12 million hectares due to desertification. This is rooted in non sustainable agriculture practices such as conventional arable production, till-farming, intensive monoculture and use of chemicals. Currently, most of the farmers in developing countries – roughly the 80% – are smallholders, most of them women, who own less than 2 hectares of land.

Despite having a key role in achieving global food security and nutrition, they are a vulnerable group who do not have the resources and knowledge to switch to more profitable and sustainable practices such as regenerative agriculture. Because of this, many farmers cant transition their productions or build a system that could lead them to regeneration, increase of economical results and productivity. Our current system has a critical systemic crisis, hence, we are called to co-build and support systemic solutions.

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