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Financial Education & Entrepreneurship


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In this module we will talk about financial awareness, influences, the Money Tree, the decision making process, and how to change that path. How to take what is not so good in us and make it better, and how to take what we already have that is good and make it even better.
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Financial Behaviour

Financial Awareness

Financial Relations

The Decision Making Process

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About Course

How is your relationship with money? When did you learn to manage your finances? In this module we will talk about financial behavior, how our relationship with money is structured. That’s right, incredible as it may seem, we do indeed have a relationship with money. Know the financial behavior world, an important step if you want to manage your resources in a better way.

What Will You Learn?

  • Financial behavior is the way in which we relate to money, that is, we obtain a change from our work, the sale or rent of some good or the profits of our own business. Being aware of how this relationship works gives us the power to improve the administration of our resources and thus develop good financial habits.


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